Purederm Biome Energizing Under Eye Mask
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A probiotic lifestyle that boosts skin energy every day!


Purederm Biome Energizing Under Eye Mask contains probiotics-derived lactobacillus and prebiotic ingredients that help activate probiotics to improve the imbalance of skin barriers and balance the skin biome to provide beneficial synergy. Also, the fabric is designed in the shape of a “flying wing” that can cover the eye zone generously, and it is a biodegradable material that does not harm the global environment after use.


Microbiome: The microbiome is a combination of “microbe” and “biome”, which means a beneficial ecosystem of microorganisms living in the human body. The microbiome,  which is a hidden force in the skin, is recognized as the key to healthy and beautiful skin, drawing attention from beauty research.

Directions for use:

1. Wash your face and apply the mask around the eyes, ensuring good contact with your skin.
2. Wear the mask for 10~20 minutes and remove it.
3. Make sure to reseal the zipper bag after use.

Unit Pack: 30g / 30sheets



Purederm Biome Energizing Under Eye Mask

Purederm Biome Energizing Under Eye Mask

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